Improv 401 - September 2017

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Improv 401 - September 2017

Welcome to Improv 401!  I am so pumped to learn the basics of harold with you all.  Let's get in here and dig into our thoughts on harold and improv!

Class Roster:
Jaden Bankhead
Megan Gossen
Seton Gruneisen
Holly Hilton
Aileen Kenney
Catherine O'Grady
Eric Rau
Jordan Wilson
Danielle Lyndes
Riley Duke
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3 Things I Wish I'd Known

Yesterday, I asked Chicago improviser Adal Rifai (Second City, iO, the Playground Theater) what three things he wishes someone had told him about long form that he had to learn the hard way. He responded:

1. Work with other people's ideas in the show, don't just push your own wares.

2. Be ok putting forward coal and trusting the team will make it into a diamond vs trying to produce a diamond with every line.

3. Be willing to sacrifice your idea/preconceived notions at any time for the success of the scene/show.