Improv 401- Oct/Nov 2018

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Improv 401- Oct/Nov 2018

Chloe Jackson
Week 2

We reviewed the opening and first beats. We practiced taking ideas from the verbal pattern loops to initiate scenes. We talked about what words we remembered, formed a premise, and came up with an opening line to communicate that to our partner.

We were introduced to the group game used in our Harold, Follow the Follower. In this game we use the suggestion to act out a character. One person will initiate (one of the people who was not in a 1st beat scene) by walking out and everyone will join in a half circle mirroring the sounds and actions. Someone else will decide what would logically come next in this story/plot and make a strong move. We’ll maintain eye contact with each other so that we can all get on the same page.

Keep in mind that heightening can be very effective in this game. Like the construction worker who first tested their hard hat with a hammer, brick, and finally dynamite.

Once we reach that point someone will step into the middle of the arc to button the scene. The button is a clever phrase hat will sum up what was happening for the audience. It helps to think of sayings that are common to the suggestion. Teacher- “those who can’t do teach” or in our construction scene “thanks for watching this OSHA video” and finally “even vampires need to floss!”

This one was a lot of fun! Great job all!

What were your favorite moments from class? I really enjoyed Ken’s initiation for stake and his physicality as the vampire.