Improv 101 ~ August 2017

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Improv 101 ~ August 2017

Jessica Hill
HI All! This is the space that we can use to share our thoughts, questions, observations, and resources related to our Improv 101 class. Feel free to share our favorite memories, scenes, or give kudos to the rest of our group. This space is FOR YOU to use to continue the conversation. Use it as MUCH or as LITTLE as you would like!

Here is the homework for Week 1 of the class. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

This week's homework is a bit longer, as you are asked to watch a video.  This video is about 20 minutes long and is a Charlie Rose interview with the founders of the Upright Citizen's Brigade. There are lot of terms and people discussed that I want for you to listen for: the difference between short form and long form improv, what it means to yes, and., Del Close, game of the scene, and disposable comedy.

Week 1 Homework:
Video Link:
What thoughts/observations did you have about the video? Anything interesting stand out to you?
Did you hear anything that applies to a concept learned from in class?

Do At Home Activity: The dada speech: stand in the middle of a room, and launch into a speech, with the goal of not making any sense.  Look at an object in the room and start to talk about it, don't stay on any topic too long and make sense of nothing.  For example: Candles are dogs when books tell a story of peanuts from heaven.  When I was only seven dollars I went to my own factor brush, see?  No one knows my father knew his cat was a green in the Texas town of pig boy."